Our Approach

Do I have to pay for this programme?

Mentors do not have to pay for this programme, but there is a fee to join as a Mentee.

Is everyone guaranteed a Mentor?

We do our best to match every Mentee with a Mentor, but depending on numbers, sometimes this won't be possible. If you do not get a Mentor, we will refund you your fee immediately.

What's the age range for Mentee applications?

Any woman can apply to be a Mentee, as long as they are 18 years or older. You may be a student, fresh out of college, looking for an opportunity to start your career. But we also give women who are older, maybe starting a business or returning to the workforce, an opportunity to apply, too. We believe that it doesn't matter what age you are, everyone needs help sometimes.

Do the Mentors get paid for this program?

Mentors do not get paid for this program, but they also do not have to pay any application charges. We give Mentors a range of deals, complimentary tickets and more as a thank you for taking part.

What's the age range for Mentor applications?

Any woman can apply to be a Mentor, as long as they are 18 years or older. Depending on your sucess so far, you might have a viable business and a lot of things to teach by the time you're 27. Or, you might have 20 years experience in your field and know that you have the ability to share this with your Mentee.

Where is Mentor Her available?

At the moment, Mentor Her has launched in Ireland, with the focal point in Dublin. But we wiill soon be launching across Europe and the USA, so stay tuned! If you are in Ireland, but not neccesarily in Dublin, we do our best to match you with a person in your area, especially for those Mentors interested in conducting face-to-face meetings.

What will the networking events be like?

Event swill take place in Dublin and it is an opportunity to meet your Mentor/Mentee, alongside meeting other Mentees on the program. Here, our #femalefounders will discuss the program, and we will have speakers from a range of disciplines and sponsors. We'll also have food and wine!

I identify as non-binary, can I apply?

Of course! Mentor Her welcomes any individual who identifies as female/femme/womxn, non-binary, trans, genderqueer, agender, or any combination of the above

Dr. Seleme has limited hours and takes patients on an appointment base only. 

Please give us a call to schedule your appointment at (703) 273- 0573 or send us an email at staff@drseleme.com

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Chiropractic- We believe your spine is - if you will forgive the poun, the backbone to optimal health.


Reba Testing- Release blocked energy that can cause chronic conditions in your life. 


Nutrition Consult- healthy diet provides the fuel and nutrients your body needs to function properly.


Acupuncture- Open the gates of the body to adjust circulation and expel noxious influences. 


ASYRA- testing system that reveals nutritional deficiencies, organ stress, allergies & more. 


Far Infrared Sauna- boosts the body’s ability to detoxify for significant and lasting health benefits.

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