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  • Structural Issues
    Because we think holistically — the whole person, not just the injured or sick part — we treat all three primary causes of pain and illness: Structural issues can be the result of or cause of pain and illness. When our bodies are injured or improperly aligned, the body adapts to protect or compensate — the area swells (to immobilize the area), the body twists to accommodate the loss of function, muscles in the affected area begin to atrophy, and structural stresses are put on new areas of the body. We work with you to restore structural balance and strengthen weakened areas. We use gentle approaches, including soft tissue work and stretching techniques combined with chiropractic manipulation and cold laser therapy, to address pain, restore structural integrity and facilitate healing.
  • Biochemical Issues
    Biochemical issues are often rooted in poor nutrition and stress. Too much of the wrong foods (you know what they are!) and too much stress compromise our digestive systems, leading to inflammation. Over time, inflammation in our digestive systems compromise healthy biochemical functions, including hormone levels and our immune systems, which make it difficult for us to fight disease. We use a variety of techniques, including nutritional supplements, detox programs, N.A.E.T., muscle strength testing, hormone level testing, REBA and Asyra, to identify and remedy inflammation and biochemical imbalances that are impeding your health. We utilize blood, saliva, hair and fecal analysis to help identify pathogenic effects.
  • Emotional Issues
    Emotional issues — feeling out of sorts, irritable, sad, angry, anxious, panicked, or exhausted without good reason — often result from stress, inflammation, hormonal imbalances and poor nutrition. When the body’s functions get stressed and “pooped,” we “feel” it. We consider your emotions as we look for indications of hidden health issues. For example, unexplained sadness and fatigue may indicate hormonal imbalance; general irritability may indicate a food allergy or nutritional deficiency. Often you will find that your emotional health improves as your physical health is restored. An unhealthy digestive system can also compromise your health and cause you pain and discomfort. We use nutritional supplementation and homeopathy — including a detoxification program developed by Dr. Seleme — to help heal the gut and rid your body of the dangerous toxins, inflammation and pathogens that can lead to digestive dysfunction, immune insufficiencies and disease.

Dr. Seleme has limited hours and takes patients on an appointment base only. 

Please give us a call to schedule your appointment at (703) 273- 0573 or send us an email at

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Chiropractic- We believe your spine is - if you will forgive the poun, the backbone to optimal health.


Reba Testing- Release blocked energy that can cause chronic conditions in your life. 


Nutrition Consult- healthy diet provides the fuel and nutrients your body needs to function properly.


Acupuncture- Open the gates of the body to adjust circulation and expel noxious influences. 


ASYRA- testing system that reveals nutritional deficiencies, organ stress, allergies & more. 


Far Infrared Sauna- boosts the body’s ability to detoxify for significant and lasting health benefits.

Our Services 

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